Investigations carried out by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) show that many Kurdish civilians from Iran have become victims of human rights violations in June 2021.

Followings are the information collected by the statistics and documentation centre of the KHRN in regards to these violations.


On 30 June, Iran carried out the death penalty of prisoner Mohammad Taher Soleimani in Mahabad Prison. The 65-year-old prisoner had been arrested about two years ago on drug charges.

Killings of Civilians

On June 24, a civilian named Mohammad Minouei was shot dead by Iranian border forces in the border areas of Marivan.

Lack of Medical Treatment in Prisons

In June, two prisoners lost their lives in Iran due to the lack of proper medical treatment. Shamsaddin Tatari, who was imprisoned in Orumiyeh, lost his life due to a delay in transferring him to the hospital. Nasser Karimi, a prisoner in Bukan, lost his life for not receiving proper medical treatment.

NameFromPrisonDateCause of deathDescription
1Nasser KarimiBukanBukan1 JuneLack of medical treatmentPrison officials said the cause of death was heart attack
2Shamsaddin TatariOrumiyehOrumiyeh Central Prison12 JuneDelay in sending to hospitalHeart disease

Honour Killings

At least five Kurdish women were killed in June by their family members in Darreh Shahr, Ilam, Kermanshah, and Saqqez. The names of two of these women are Homeyra Bazgir and Golaleh Sheikhi.


In June, at least 28 civilians, activists, former political prisoners, and former Kurdish party members were detained in various cities across Iranian Kurdistan. While five of the detainees were released later, the KHRN has not yet received information on the whereabouts of many of these detainees.

NameDetention locationDetention dateActivityDetention location and latest status
1Sadegh VeysiRavansarEarly June-21CivilianUnknown
2Barzan MohammadiVillage of Gushkhani in Marivan7 JuneCivil rights activistTaken from detention centre of the Intelligence Organisation of IRGC to Marivan Prison
3Zaher PasopishPiranshahr7 JuneFormer political prisonerReleased on bail
4Omid TayOshnavieh7 JuneCivilianUnknown
5Hossein FarajiMarivan8 JuneCivilianUnknown
6Jafar HassanpourOshnavieh9 JuneCivilianReleased on bail
7Faranak JamshidiSanandaj10 JuneEnvironmental activistDetained to serve one-year sentence in jail
8Mozaffar HakimiOrumiyeh13 JuneCivilianTaken to Orumiyeh Central Prison
9Touraj HabibiDivandarreh14 JuneCivilianUnknown
10Mikaeil MenbariSanandaj15 JuneCivilianUnknown
11Hazhar EbrahimiPiranshahr15 JuneCivilianUnknown
12Aram FathiMarivan17 JuneCivil rights activistReleased on bail
13Sorayya HaghdoustMarivan17 JuneCivil rights activistReleased on bail
14Sirwan AnakhiPaveh17 JuneCivilianUnknown
15Rahman KarimiNaqadeh19 JuneCivilianUnknown
16Najib DaryaeiOshnavieh20 JuneCivilianUnknown
17Loghman AziziOshnavieh21 JuneFormer political prisonerUnknown
18Mehrdad AhmadiBaneh22 JuneFormer Komalah memberUnknown
19Hemmat RahmaniBaneh22 JuneFormer Komalah memberUnknown
20Mohsen AziziOshnavieh23 JuneCivilianReleased after 20 hours in detention
21Hashem KhoranOshnavieh24 JuneCivilianUnknown
22Mehran SoleimanpourOshnavieh24 JuneCivilianUnknown
23Dler Shah-MohammadiDivandarreh24 JuneCivilianUnknown
24Zanyar MoradiDivandarreh24 JuneCivilianUnknown
25Amjad MoradiDivandarreh26 JuneCivilianUnknown
26Shorash MahmoudianOshnavieh27 JuneCivilianUnknown
27Reza Ezzat-TajOshnavieh27 JuneCivilianUnknown
28Kheyrollah HaghjouyanKermanshah28 JuneYarsani activistTaken to Dizel Abad Prison in Kermanshah

Kolbars and Tradesmen

In the past month, at least 21 kolbars and tradesmen were either killed, lost their lives, or injured in the border areas of Iranian Kurdistan. Of these, at least 10 were shot by Iranian, Turkish, or Iraqi border forces.

Additionally, the 63-year-old tradesman Hossein Faraji lost his life in Baneh border areas.

NameFromLocation of incidentDate of incidentDead/injuredDescription
1Hossein FarajiBanehBaneh border areas2 JuneDead63-year-old tradesman
2Vahbi FattahiNowsudNowsud border areas5 JuneDeadHeart attack
3Yousef FarjamiMakuBorder areas5 JuneInjuredShot by Turkish border forces, 18 years old
4Soran GhaderiMarivanTah Tah mountain pass6 JuneInjured
5Yasser Mohammad-KarimiPavehBorder areas8 JuneInjuredShot by Iraq border forces
6Rahman KarimpourBanehHangeh-ye Zhal border10 JuneInjured
7Hamid VeysiSalas-e BabajaniNowsud border areas10 JuneDeadFalling from border heights
8Masoud KhezrnezhadBukanBaneh border areas12 JuneInjured
9Vali RostamiSalas-e BabajaniNowsud border areas13 JuneInjured
10Bashir AhmadzadehDesheh village of PavehNowsud border areas14 JuneInjured
11Basir AhmadzadehDesheh village of PavehNowsud border areas14 JuneDead27 years old, died after 5 days in hospital
12Yasser KhosraviBanehBaneh border areas19 JuneInjuredLost a kidney
13Saadoun AhmadiBanehHangeh-ye Zhal border20 JuneDead27 years old
14Aziz MohammadzadehMakuChaldoran border areas21 JuneDeadShot by Turkish border forces, 23 years old
15Fahmin RostamzadehHawramanTah Tah, Hawraman23 JuneDeadShot by IRGC forces, 40 years old, father of 3
16Salar MirzaeiSalas-e BabajaniNowsud border areas24 JuneInjuredShot by border forces
17Vahed MohammadpourSardashtSardasht border areas26 JuneDeadShot by border forces, 36 years old, father of 3
18Nasrollah HamidiSalas-e BabajaniNowsud border areas28 JuneInjuredFalling from heights
19Keyvan Hagh-MoradiMarivanTah Tah, Hawraman30 JuneDeadShot by IRGC forces, 32 years old
20Sirwan TakhaniMarivanTah Tah, Hawraman30 JuneInjuredShot by IRGC forces
21Vahed AminzadehSaqqezBaneh border areas30 JuneInjuredShot by border forces
22Aboubakr BashbalaghiSaqqezBaneh border areas30 JuneInjuredShot by border forces

Landmine Explosions

On 20 June, an Iranian soldier named Abbas Khazaei was injured in a landmine explosion in Baneh border areas. Two civilians, whose names have not yet been determined, were also injured in late June in Dehloran, Ilam province.

NameExplosion locationExlosion dateStatusDescription
1Abbas KhazaeiBaneh border areas20 JuneInjuredSoldier
2UnknownDehloran26 JuneInjuredCivilian
3UnknownDehloran28 JuneInjuredCivilian

Work Accidents

At least five workers lost their lives in work accidents in the first third of June in Sardasht, Saqqez, Kermanshah, and Marivan.

1Aboubakr EsmaeilzadehSardasht1 JuneDeadAccident working in construction
2Osman DidarSaqqez5 JuneDeadFall from building
3Habib AbbasiKermanshah6 JuneDeadFall from building
4Danyal EbrahimiSardasht6 JuneDeadElectrocution
5Yahya MohammadiMarivan10 JuneDeadFall from building

Prison Sentences

In early June, Branch 2 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shahriar, Tehran province, sentenced environmental activist Heydar Ghorbani to 11 years in prison on charges of “acting against national security” and “propaganda against the state”.

NameFromCharge withDate sentencedSentencing courtSentenceDescription
1Heydar GhorbaniTehranActing against national security, propaganda against the stateEarly JuneBranch 2 of Islamic Revolutionary Court of ShahriarTotal of 11 years in prisonEnviornmental activist

Asylum Seekers

In the first half of June, three Kurdish asylum seekers from Marivan and Sardasht lost their lives in Greece. Mohsen Ahmadi and Rzgar Ghorbani died in a car accident while fleeing from Greek police officers. Mehri Nabizadeh lost her life after having a heart attack while crossing the Turkish-Greek border.

NameFromLocation of incidentDate of incidentDescription
1Mohsen AhmadiMarivanGreece5 JuneCar accident while fleeing from Greek police officers
2Rzgar GhorbaniMarivanGreece5 JuneCar accident while fleeing from Greek police officers
3Mehri NabizadehSardashtGreece14 JuneHeart attack while crossing the Turkish-Greek border

IRGC – PJAK Clashes

In June, four members of the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) were killed in an ambush by forces of the Shahramfar base of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) near the cities of Baneh and Sarvabad.