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September 4, 2023

Kurdish detainees sew lips in Ilam, protest ongoing detention

Detained Kurdish civilians Vahid Chavaran, Mohammad Hossein Haaseli, and Nasser Rezaei sewed their lips together in the pre-trial detention centre of Ilam Prison, one day after starting a hunger strike. The Kurdish civilians, along with Bakhtiar Mohammadzadeh, a detained civilian from Darreh Shahr in Ilam Province, began their hunger strike on 3 September in protest at their continued detention. Today, in response to the authorities' neglect...

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September 1, 2023

Ministry of Intelligence summons, arrests civilian in Ilam

Iranian Ministry of Intelligence in Ilam, Ilam Province, summoned and arrested civilian Bakhtiar Mohammadzadeh, a resident of Darreh Shahr in Ilam province, on 29 August. Mohammadzadeh, who runs a pharmacy in Darreh Shahr, was previously detained in February after being summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence in Ilam. On 26 April, he was released on bail of 30 billion rials – nearly 60,000 USD – after...

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