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February 29, 2020

IRGC Exploits Earthquake Victims in Qotur

"The (Islamic Revolutionary Gaurd Corps (IRGC) has offered to rent out a tent to the earthquake-stricken people in Qotur (part of West Azerbaijan Province of Iran), asking the villagers to pay 35 thousand tomans a night if they need to hire a tent", an informed source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN). "In some villages, no assistance has been received from...

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February 27, 2020

A Report on the Latest State of Earthquake-stricken Qotur

In an interview with the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), a civil activist has reported the situation in Qotur, West Azerbaijan Province as critical while referring to the indifference of the government to provide relief to the earthquake victims. On the morning of January 23, a 5.7-magnitude earthquake hit Qotur region in West Azerbaijan Province at the northwest of Iran. The earthquake...

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February 23, 2018

People’s Donations to Earthquake Victims Have Been Confiscated by Governmental Agencies

In the past few days, Donations collected by members of the Qur'an School to help Earthquake Victims in Salas Babajani have been confiscated by governmental forces. "On Tuesday, February 13, intelligence and security forces and the Red Crescent Societies of Salas Baghajani raided the place where popular donations were held and confiscated the donations collected by members of the Qur'an school.", a reliable source told...

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November 14, 2017

People in the earthquake-stricken areas of Kermanshah: We do not want condolences, we need help

Two days after the strong earthquake (measuring 7.2 magnitude on Richter scale) hit many Kurdish areas in western Iran, the residents of the earthquake-stricken areas in the Qasr-e-Shirin, Sar-Pol-e Zahab and Salas-Babajani cities have reported that government officials are neglecting the relief efforts to these areas. Moreover, the office of Kermanshah Forensic Medicine has reported 460 deaths and 7460 injured people. But residents of the...

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