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May 10, 2023

Iran executes three prisoners for drug-related charges in Karaj

Iran executed today prisoners Abdolhossein Emami Moghaddam, Hossein Panjak and Babak Aghaei for drug-related offences in Qezel Hesar Prison in Karaj. After the death row prisoners were moved to solitary confinement on 9 May, their families and loved ones gathered outside the prison throughout the evening and into the early hours of the morning, calling for a halt to the executions. Security forces fired tear gas...

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May 9, 2023

Two prisoners moved to solitary confinement for execution in Karaj

Prisoners Abdolhossein Emami Moghaddam and Hossein Panjak who were sentenced to death on drug-related charges, were today transferred to solitary confinement in Qezel Hesar Prison in Karaj for execution. Emami Moghaddam, from Kuhdasht in the province of Lorestan, was arrested about 13 years ago, and Panjak, from Tehran, about 10 years ago.

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