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Rostam ArkiaReleased on Parole

Kurdish civilian from Maku

Detention date: 1 January 2007

Charged with: Enmity against God through membership in the PJAK

Sentence: 20 years in prison and internal exile to Yazd Central Prison

Current status: Released on parole on 9 March 2022

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March 16, 2022

Iran releases a Kurdish political prisoner on parole, sends another on leave

Iran has released a Kurdish political prisoner on parole and sent another on temporary leave from Yazd Prison in the central province of Yazd in the past week. Political prisoner Rostam Arkia was released on parole on 9 March after 15 years in prison. Also, on 15 March, political prisoner Qader Mohammadzadeh, who was in the 17th year of imprisonment, was sent on temporarily leave on...

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