The information gathered by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) shows that at least 14 Kurdish civilians and activists have been arrested in seven cities in the past month. While seven of these have been arrested to serve their prison sentences, seven have been detained by security forces seven cities in Iran, in the past month.

During this period, 30 civil, religious, cultural, literary, and art activists have been summoned by security institutions and interrogated for several hours.

Two prisoners named Hamed Mostafaei, from Harsin in Kermanshah province, and Nasser Valizadeh from Bukan in West Azerbaijan province have been executed in Arak and Orumiyeh prisons in the past month.
Also, at least two kolbars and tradesmen named Abubakr Mohammadi and Ebrahim Pour- Mohammad have lost their lives due to drowning in the river and frostbite, and eight other kolbars have been injured.

Three Kurdish civilians and activists have been sentenced by the Islamic Revolutionary Courts of different cities to prison terms varying from 11 months to five years and one day.

At the same period, four civilians have been injured in landmine explosions in the border areas of Qasr-e Shirin and Sumar in Kermanshah province, and Piranshahr in West Azerbaijan province.