A Kurdish civilian named Fayegh Mam-Ghaderi, who was wounded by the officers of the Intelligence Organisation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on 15 October, died today of his injuries at Khomeini Hospital in Orumiyeh, West Azerbaijan province.

Due to the unlawful conduct of the security institutions, the 37-year-old civilian’s body has not been returned to his family and is still kept in the department of forensic medicine in Orumiyeh.

According to an informed source, IRGC intelligence agents surrounded Mam-Ghaderi’s house with the intention of arresting his brother Dana Mam-Ghaderi on the evening of 15 October.

Fayegh Mam-Ghaderi, who was heading towardS his house together with a friend named Masoud Farajzadeh, was asked by IRGC intelligence forces to stop the car.

The officers opened fire for no specific reason on the vehicle while it was slowing down to stop.

As a result, Mam-Ghaderi was hit by eight bullets and Farajzadeh by three.

After being wounded, the two civilians were taken to Khomeini Hospital in Orumiyeh, where Mam-Ghaderi went into a coma.

Farajzadeh is still hospitalised in the special care unit of the hospital.

Meanwhile, IRGC’s intelligence agents in Orumiyeh detained Dana Mam-Ghaderi. They took him to the detention centre of the military-security organisation in Mahabad, West Azerbaijan province.

Reportedly, he was temporarily released last week after three weeks of detention, on a bail of 500 million Iranian Tomans – nearly 14,500 USD.