Since the beginning of the country-wide popular protests in Iran, at least seven civilians in Orumiyeh, Piranshahr, Saqqez, Sanandaj and Bijar have suffered irreparable injuries in the eye and loss of sight in one or both eyes as a result of the shooting of anti-riot forces with shotguns.

On 17 September, during the burial ceremony of Zhina Mahsa Amini in Saqqez, Kurdistan province, at least two young men, Mohammad Parsa Sehhat and Nechirvan Maroufi, were irreparably injured after shotgun pellets hit their eyes.

Sehhat, 21, was injured in both eyes due to a shotgun pellet that targeted his head during the public protests near his hair salon.

The reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) indicate that one of his eyes is only able to see from a distance of two meters, and his other eye has no visual acuity.

Simultaneously, Maroufi, 18, was shot in one of the streets of Saqqez while returning to the army for military service and lost his vision in his right eye.

KHRN’s sources in Orumiyeh, Piranshahr, Sanandaj and Bijar also reported that five civilians were injured in the eye due to being hit by shotgun pellets by military-security forces during widespread protests in these cities.

One of the injured civilians completely lost vision in Sanandaj. The other four suffered irreparable damage in one eye.

Images from Sehhat’s medical file: