Three women have been killed by their male family members in the past ten days in Iran’s western cities of Marivan, Kamyaran and Kermanshah, Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned.

Firouzeh Moradi, 26, was stabbed to death by her brother in Kermanshah in the past few days.

The day after killing Moradi, her brother presented himself to the police and said he had killed the young woman over “family disputes”.

Also on 23 January, a man whose identity remains unknown, burnt Negin Rostami, 30, in the yard of her home in the village of Ney in Marivan, Kurdistan province.

The killer reportedly set the young woman on fire after pouring gasoline on her body and fled the scene.

Rostami passed away on 29 January in the Kowsar Hospital of Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, due to the severity of her burns.

Jinha News Agency reported that the young woman was forced into marriage at a very young age due to her family’s financial problems and experiencing violence at home.

However, after the marriage, she was constantly subjected to domestic violence, which led to her separation from her first husband. She then married another man, reported the agency.

She married for a third time after leaving her second husband due to domestic violence and lack of support from her family and government institutions.

According to Rostami herself, she was constantly threatened by her ex-husband, wrote Jinha News Agency.

In addition, Rezvan Nadimi, a 26-year-old mother of two from the village of Zivieh in Kamyaran, Kurdistan province, was shot dead by her ex-husband on 31 January.