Kurdish civilian Bahar Ahmadi was arrested without a court order by security forces in Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, on 12 August.

Ahmadi’s arrest follows the detention of her husband, Asaad Mohammadi, three weeks ago, with no information available on his whereabouts.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned that security forces raided Ahmadi’s home on 12 August and arrested her in an atmosphere of fear and terror.

Despite suffering from rheumatism, Ahmadi was transferred to the Ministry of Intelligence detention centre, where she was denied access to her medication.

Ahmadi’s husband, Asaad Mohammadi, who is a Kurdish civil rights activist, was similarly arrested on 24 July without a court order.

He was taken into custody during a raid on his home in the Villa Shahr neighbourhood of Sanandaj and then transferred to the Ministry of Intelligence detention centre in the city.

There is no information on the charges brought against the two civilians and they have been denied access to legal representation and family visits since their arrest.