Imprisoned Kurdish rapper Saman Yasin and 12 other political prisoners have been on a hunger strike since 3 September in protest at their transfer to Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj and the harsh conditions in their ward.

The 12 prisoners on hunger strike with Yasin are Saeid Masouri, Loghman Aminpour, Jafar Ebrahimi, Afshin Baymani, Sepehr Emam-Jomeh, Mohammad Shafei, Masoud Reza Ebrahiminezhad, Hamzeh Savari, Kamyar Fakour, Ahmad Reza Haeri, Reza Salmanzadeh and Zartosht Ahmadi-Ragheb.

These 13 prisoners were transferred abruptly and without prior notice from Evin Prison in Tehran to Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj on 3 September.

They are currently being held in a cramped 12 square metre room in the high security Unit 3 of the prison, in difficult conditions and without access to basic amenities such as hot water and telephones.

Previously, on 2 August, Afshin Baymani, Loghman Aminpour, Saeid Masouri, Saman Yasin, Mohammad Shafei and Hamzeh Savari were transferred from Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj to Ward 8 of Evin Prison before being transferred to Ghezel Hesar Prison.