The fate and whereabouts of Kurdish civilian Saeid Mohseni remain unknown 18 days after his arrest by security forces on 26 November.

Security forces, who initially attempted to arrest Mohseni at his family home in Ilam, Ilam province, in late November, instead arrested his eight-year-old son in his absence.

The authorities told the family that the child would only be released if Mohseni turned himself in to the Ministry of Intelligence.

In response to his son’s arrest, Mohseni appeared at the Ministry of Intelligence office in Ilam on 26 November and was subsequently arrested, after which his son was released.

Mohseni, a graduate in petroleum engineering, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison by the Ilam court last year for his involvement in the Jin Jiyan Azadi (Women Life Freedom) movement as well as his online activities.