Kurdish civilians Mostafa Zaher-Zohour and Hamed Amini were recently arrested by security forces in separate incidents in the cities of Sanandaj and Marivan in Kurdistan Province and were taken to undisclosed locations.

Zaher-Zohour, a civil rights activist and mountaineer from Sanandaj, was arrested on 13 February when security forces raided his family home without a court order.

Similarly, on 14 February, security forces raided the home of Amini in the village of Lenjabad in Marivan. During the operation, they searched the premises, confiscated mobile phones from family members, and detained Amini without a court order.

The security forces reportedly cited an alleged forgery of a car document as the reason for raiding Amini’s home. The forces, who concealed their identities, initially took the family’s young child hostage. After Amini’s arrest, they released his son.