Faezeh Modarres Gorji, who was arrested yesterday by Iranian police in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, has been released after 24 hours of detention.

The civilian was arrested after going to the police headquarters to receive the license plate of her car, which was confiscated by the police during a ceremony held in Sanandaj on the anniversary of a Ukrainian airliner shot down by Iranian security forces.

On 8 January, at the third anniversary of the Revolutionary Guard’s downing of a Ukrainian airliner that killed 176 people on board, Modarres Gorji planned to attend the graves of Ayda Farzaneh and Arvin Moratab, the victims of the tragedy, in Sanandaj’s Behesht-e Mohammadi Cemetery.

However, security and law enforcement officers blocked the entrance to the cemetery and did not allow people to attend the graves of the deceased and hold ceremonies.

On the same day, police seized the license plate of Modarres Gorji’s private car in front of the entrance to the cemetery because of her intention to attend the planned ceremony.

Although Gorji has been released after spending 24 hours in detention, her car is still being held by the police.