The Iranian police and municipality officers forced closure of the office of the Association of Environment Protection in ‘Welat’ of Bukan at municipality mall. Various news sources had reported the pressure of the city’s governor to close the afore-mentioned office and stop the activities of this environmental association.

“On the afternoon of January 02, at 3 pm, the municipality and law enforcement agents attacked the office of Association of Environment Protection in ‘Welat’ of Bukan when the general meeting of Association was held while threatening the members and forcing them to leave the office.” An environmental activist in Bukan told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“Meanwhile, the environmental association condemned the closure of the association’s office and published a statement to emphasize that the association will continue its activities.”, the source added.

Part of this statement asserts: “The Environmental Protection Agency of ‘Welat’ has been active for more than four years with the help of green-conscious people with the objective of promoting environmental objectives, green culture and humanity, sustainable development, protecting the ecosystem, combating the destruction and plunder of environmental resources and promoting green thought in Bukan.”

Over the last few weeks, several other environmental institutions in various cities of Kurdistan have supported The Association of Environmental Protection of Bukan in a statement and condemned the frequent pressures on this popular organization.