Iran executed today the death sentences of two prisoners, Azad Dadvand and Keyvan Amini-Tavakkol, over drug-related offences at Arak Central Prison in Markazi province.

Yesterday, the prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement to be executed along with three other inmates, without the prior knowledge of their families and deprived of one last visit.

There is no information yet on what happened to the other three prisoners.

Amini-Tavakkol, 42, from Baneh, and Dadvand, 41, from Sardasht, were arrested in November 2020 and sentenced to death over drug-related charges.

Since the beginning of this year, at least eight Kurdish civilians have been executed over drug-related offences and charges related to “premeditated murder” in the central prisons of Kermanshah, Karaj, Bandar Abbas and Arak.