Iran executed today prisoner Ali Doudkanlou over murder-related offences at Orumiyeh Central Prison.

Doudkalou and two other prisoners, Ramin Shirzadi and Jalal Taheri, were taken to solitary cells on 27 February for execution.

These prisoners were sentenced to death on charges of “premeditated murder” under the Islamic law of qisas or retribution-in-kind, which grants the right to retaliate to the victim’s family.

Executions of Shirzadi and Taheri were halted after the consent of the families of the victims was obtained. They will instead pay “blood money” to the families of the victims.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned that cases of at least 28 prisoners were sent to the Enforcement of Judgments Office of Orumiyeh Central Prison for execution.