Iranian security forces attacked the demonstrators participating in a rally in protest to Turkish incursion into the Kurdish areas in north and east of Syria, known as Rojava, on October 11 and arrested at least six of them at their workplace the following day.

“On October 11, security forces attacked the demonstrators in the vicinity of the Marivan Intelligence Office where some of the protestors, including several children, were injured,” a local source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN)

Omid Haqpurst, Hemmat Karimi, Mobin Karimi, Diako Taba, Kamal Koneposhi, a member of the Central Committee of the Green Chia Association, and Mohammad Bahrami were also detained at their workplaces and taken to an unknown location, the sourced added. 

Security officials are also reported to have made threatening phone calls to some participants and warned them that their families would be at risk if they continue the protests.

Protests were held in many Kurdish cities of Iran, including Piranshahr, Baneh, Marivan, and Dehgolan, in protest of the Turkish Army’s invasion of Rojava on October 11.