Although the security situation in Kermanshah has calmed down as compared to the last few days of protests hit Iran, the presence of Special Forces around Azadi Square, Jafarabad, Boulevard, Dolatabad and Bagh Abrisham is tangible, several sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

A resident of Jafarabad district of Kermanshah confirmed that most victims of the protests had been shot by the security forces, adding that “during a protest rally in Jafarabad on 16 November, Special Forces units directly shot people from helicopters.”

No information is available on the fate of dozens of the civilians who have been detained by the Iranian security forces since the protests emerged against skyrocketing petrol prices in Iran on 16 November.

Despite Tight Security Measures Mariwan Goes on General Strike

Special forces of the Revolutionary Guards in Marivan

Special forces of the Revolutionary Guards continue to be present in the streets of Marivan along with the establishment of checkpoints on the roads especially in the entrance and exit of the city and people have gone on e general strike in protest of the killing of civilians by the security forces,  a source from Marivan told the KHRN.

Another source said that the health of 18 protesters in Bu Ali Sina and Fajr hospitals, who were shot injured by law enforcement and security forces in recent days, has deteriorated. Special forces sent to Marivan from Hamadan have besieged the hospitals where the wounded civilians are currently being treated.

Sources in Marivan also reported the presence of foreign nationals in IRGC. On 19 November, the bodies of some of the protests’ victims were handed over to their families under tight security measures.