Security Agencies in Javanrud Continue Pursuing Protesters, Threatening Their Families 

Deployment of the security forces to the city of Javanrud continued in the last few days to further crack down on the protesters hit Iran cities since 16 November.

Despite intense security measures, the funeral of four protesters- including Kaveh Mohammadi, Mobin Abdollahi from Schwankara village, Jabar Tajare and Ali (Younis) Firouzbakht- who were all killed by security forces on 16 and 17 November was held in various mosques of the city, local sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

According to the source, security forces have threatened the families of the victims not doing any interviews with the media and international human rights organizations about how the victims were killed.

The KHRN had earlier reported that at least six protesters were shot dead by the Iranian security agencies in Javanrud while more than 25 were injured. The report identified four of the dead as Mobin Abdollahi, Kaveh Mohammadi, Ibrahim Moradi and Jabar Tajare. According to the latest reports, Ali (Younis) Firouzbakht, was also one of the protesters who were killed.

Meanwhile, the night-time detention of civilians is still ongoing in Javanrud, and no exact information is available on the detainees.