for bakur3The Iranian authorities have released several local Kurdish political and civil activists who had been arrested on 4 February during a solidarity rally held to condemn Turkish army killing of brethren Kurds.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) sources said that the detainees had been released following a protest held outside the Tee Shalom detention centre.

“The number of the arrested is still unclear, but it has been said that at least 20 activists had been arrested on 4 February and that some of them were women, one of whom is said to be Sarah Farhadi,” a local KHRN source said.

The source added that two civil rights activists called Miad Ahmadi and Mehdi Zandi were released on bail until further notice.

And, the following below is the list of names of 14 other Kurdish detainees released in the past two days.

1. Jahangir Vakili, a lawyer, brother of executed Kurdish political prisoners Farhad Vakili.

2. Saifullah Javanmardi, teacher and civil rights activist.

3. Teyeb Zand Karimi

4. Farid Zandi

5. Afshin Nouri

6. Kamel Fathi

7. Jamal Fathi

8. Mohammad Teimour Nejad

9. Kaveh Soltanian

10. Heyman Mohammadi

11. Hiva Kamangarpour

12. Reza Mohammadi

13. Pouria Ghamari

14. Mokhtar Hashemi

The KHRN source said: “The security forces attacked all people at the rally at 1600 [local time] when the protesters moved from the Azadi Square to Estiqlal street. They used batons to disperse the protesters before they arrested some and took them to their vans. There were women among the detained protesters.”

A local who had witnessed the rally, said: “The solidarity first began with Kurdish mothers calling for peace. They said they supported Kurdish resistance in Bakur [Turkey’s Kurdish region] and that they were against Turkish state’s massacre of Kurds. Young people then quickly joined the mothers but the security forces attacked all oif them.”

Meanwhile, KHRN sources said that following the rally in Sanandaj the security forces had deployed forces in other Kurdish cities and towns on the same day including in the cities of Kermanshah, Javanroud, Dehgolan, Bukan and Baneh.