Iranian security forces arrested Kurdish civil and Kurdish women’s right Farzaneh Jalali on 23 February in Kermanshah (Also known in Kurdish as Kermashan) and transferred her to an unknown location.

According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) sources, Jalali was contacted by the local notary office that asked her to go to their office, and the Iranian security forces arrested her when she arrived to that requested meeting.

Iranian security forces then went to her house and made a security check.

The Iranian authorities have not yet disclosed her whereabouts or the reasons for which she was initially arrested.

she graduated in anthropology from Tehran University and she was a member of Islamic Students’ Association.

She was also responsible for  Morning newspaper of  the  Tehran university.

In addition to her excellent academic performances and her high rankinga in the exams for master’s degree, she was deprived of having the opportunity of having to study further n 2011 because of her civil and political activism.

Over the past few years, she joined several women’s right groups and children’s rights associations.

She took part in an association providing financial and moral help to schoolgirls who were part of the tragedy of Shin Abad School, near Piranshahr, where on 5 December 2012 fire broke out that killed two school girls and severely wounded 26 pupils.