During the past few days, a Kurdish student was sentenced to 50 lashes and fines by Saqez Criminal Court on charges of disrupting the public order.

“Zamaneh Zivia, a final year law student of Payam-e-Noor University of Saqez, who was arrested at her home in Nov 6 following street celebrations in support of the referendum for Kurdistan Independence by security forces at home. This Kurdish student was released temporarily on a bail of 80 million Tomans and a Business license after three days of detention at the IRGC Detention Centre in Saghez” an informed source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“Unfortunately, two separate cases were filed against her at the Revolutionary Court and the Criminal Court of Saqez on charges of attempts against national security, participation in illegal gatherings and disturbing public order for two separate cases. Her hearing was held on Nov 25 & 26 at the Revolutionary Court and on Nov 25 in Branch 1 of the Saqez Criminal Court (which only lasted for a few minutes),” the source added.

“On Dec 7, the lawyer of the activist referred to the criminal court and found out that his client was sentenced to a fine of 50 lashes in addition to one million and eight hundred thousand Tomans for disrupting public order.”, the source continued.

“The status of Ms. Zamaneh’s case in the Revolutionary Court has not been determined yet but her lawyer has appealed against the verdict.”, the source concluded

Kurdistan Human Rights Network has previously released several reports on the identity of dozens of detainees attending street celebrations in support of the referendum for Kurdistan Independence.