Over the past few days, two Citizens in Nawsoud and Javanroud in addition to a civil rights activist in Mariwan arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) was informed that at noon on Tuesday, Jan 9, 2018, a civil rights activist called Edris Sharifi (a member of the Ronan Scientific and Cultural Association and Labor Committee) was arrested in his workplace by security forces without any warrant and taken to an unknown location.

The activist was arrested by security forces once in the year 2010.

Also on Wednesday, Jan 3, 2018, a citizen called Ako Yari from Javanroud was arrested by a security guard and was transferred to Javanroud Detention Centre. After his family’s follow-up, security investigators have said that he was transferred to a detention centre in Kermanshah.

According to reports, one week after the arrest of a Kurdish citizen called “Makwan Hassani” from Nawsoud, there is still no news about the fate of him.

He was arrested by security forces at his workplace in Nawsoud on Saturday, Jan 4, 2018, and was taken to an unknown location.