Three environmental activists, members of the Kurdistan branch of National Unity Party in Kamyaran, were arrested by security forces and transferred to an unknown location on Monday, December 31.

A reliable source in Kamyaran told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that security forces simultaneously raided Hadi Kamangar’s home and the shop of Reza Asadi and Fazel Qeitasi, members of the environmental committee affiliated with the Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party in Kamyaran. They were arrested and taken to an unknown location after their house and shop were searched by security forces.

According to the source, security forces arrested Hadi Kamangar while confiscating all his personal belongings and covering his head with a sack.

The Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party announced its formation in March 2016 at Fajr Cultural Complex where a group of Kurdish political and civil activists had gathered and later opened its offices in cities such as Kamyaran and Marivan.

Environmental Committee of the Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party has held educational classes on environmental issues in various cities of Kurdistan province over the last few years and has been active in the Oak Seed Planting Campaign each year.