Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), Following further arrests of Members of the Kurdistan Branch of the National Unity Party, two other members of the party including Farzad Hosseini and Pouria Ahmadi were arrested in Kamyaran and Sanandaj.

According to reports received by KHRN, security guards affiliated with the Intelligence Ministry arrested Pouya Ahmadi, the head of the Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party and a member of the central council of Sanandaj, in Farah Avenue of Sanandaj on Wednesday, February 20. The agents subsequently searched the private garden of this activist in the village of Binchu near the city of Sanandaj.

KHRN has also been informed that security forces also arrested another member of the Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party, Farzad Hosseini from the village of Diyznaw of Kamyaran in Kamyaran, on February 17 and transferred him to an unknown place.

In addition to these recent arrests, 15 people have been detained in the past two months in the cities of Kamyaran and Sanandaj. Two of this detainess, Reza Asadi and Fazel Qeitasi, were released on bail after 47 days of detention on February 16. They were held in solitary confinement throughout the arrest and under pressure for making false confessions.

The National Unity Party held an official license from the Ministry of the Interior and its Kurdistan branch was active in Sanandaj, Marivan and Kamyaran two years ago.

The Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party held educational classes on women’s rights and environmental issues in various cities of Kurdistan province.

This party was one of the first institutions in Kermanshah to form popular headquarters in the cities of Kurdistan during the last year’s earthquake to help earthquake victims.