Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that organizations affiliated with the Security Forces and the Judiciary of Iran are still putting pressure on the former Teachers Union activist teacher “Ramin Zandnia” and his family to stop his activities even though he left the country several ago.

“In the past few days a letter has been sent by the Attorney General to Ramin Zandnia’s family stating that all bank accounts of this former activist teacher have been blocked.”, an informed source told KHRN.
It is noteworthy that Ramin Zendnia had to flee from Iran a few years ago due to the pressure of security forces on himself and his family. However, security forces have repeatedly summoned the family of this activist and interrogated them about his political activities abroad during the past few years.

Former teachers’ union activist Ramin Zandnia and his wife, Parvin Mohammadi, were arrested by security forces in the city of Saqqez on Oct 15, 2015, and were released on a bail of 400 milion tomans after being detained and interrogated at the Shahramfar detention center in Sanandaj for a month..

He had been summoned and arrested by security and judicial authorities several times in both 2009 and 2010.