A Kolbar who was severely injured by the mine blast was sentenced to pay a fine for illegally leaving the country and the damage caused by the mine blast.

Loghman Vahid, A Kolbar from Shin Abad village of Piranshahr, who lost one leg and one eye in a mine blast during work on November last year, was ordered by the Prieshshahr court to pay a fine of 11 million Tomans.

Loghman Vahid

“After being summoned to branch 1 of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Piranshahr on May 06, I was ordered to pay11 million tomans of penalty on charges of “illegally leaving the country” as well as causing damage by the mine blast,” Vahid stated In a conversation with Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) regarding his charges.

According to him, he had to choose between going to prison or paying the penalty. He was temporarily released on a bail of 50 million Tomans in order to avoid going to jail due to his ill physical condition. Meanwhile, according to Loghman Vahid, not only a mine explosion occurred in the Iraqi Kurdistan, in a region known as the “Hindi Guberni”, but also he did not hold any smuggling goods at the time of blast .

The Kolbar also said that not only he had lost his eye and one leg, but also paid more than 50 million Tomans for the cost of surgery and the hospital treatments.

In addition to receiving public donations, Loghman Vahid has been forced to sell his own house to cover his treatment costs. But these funds are still not inadequate to cover the cost of entire treatment process.

A screenshot of the court’s electronic notice

It is worth noting that while he is married with two children. As he is still unable to work for a living due to his ill physical condition, his wife works in Piranshahr farms to earn a living for paying daily expenses and rent.