Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): On Tuesday night, April 12, 2019, a Kurdish civilian and an Afghan family of six people were targeted by the Iranian border guards near the village of Tavarreh of Khoy. As a result of this shooting, the Kurdish civilian and two members of the Afghan family – the mother and son aged 13- were killed while another child of this Afghan family was injured.

“At 22:00 of April 20, a Kurdish civilian, Behrouz Chatozadeh from Aland Khoy village and an Afghan family were targeted near the village of Tavarreh. As a result, Chotozadeh and two members of the Afghan family were killed.”, a reliable source in Khoy told KHRN.

“Behrooz Chatozadeh, married with three children, was guiding the Afghan family to cross the borders of Iran and travel to Europe. They were targeted by border guards from a distance and without any prior warning.”, the source added.

KHRN has been sent photographs of the corpses of the mother of this family and her son taken at the health centre of Blasur.

The source concluded that border guards have been freely shooting the border civilians during the recent years because the Judiciary does not investigate these shootings. In such a situation, several residents of these areas and asylum seekers crossing the border are killed each year.