During the past few days, two Kurdish border porters –known as Kolbar- ‘Kamal Mirzaei’ and ‘Asad Nodshehi’ have been injured after being shot by the border guards in the border areas of Hewraman in Kermanshah province.
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has obtained information that a kolbar ‘Kamal Mirzaei from Thalas Babajani was wounded in a shooting by border guards in Nawsoud on October 9.
Moreover, another Kolbar Asad Nodshehai was shot and wounded by border guards in the “Tahteh” pass of Hewraman during the past few days.
According to statistics compiled by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network, at least seven Kolbars and tradesmen have been wounded after being shot by Iranian border guards in the Sardasht, Horaman and Baneh border areas since late September.