An Iranian border officer shot and injured a Kurdish tradesman named Kanaan Yaghoubi inside the yard of the Bazargan customs office, in West Azerbaijan province, after a verbal argument took place between them.

A source that spoke to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) said: “On the evening of 6 June, Kanaan Yaghoubi, a tradesman from Bazargan who was engaged in the customs clearance at the city’s international customs, had a verbal dispute with one of the officers of the Border Regiment stationed at the customs. The officer shot and wounded the tradesman from a few meters inside the customs yard.”

The source added: “The officer of the Border Regiment returned to the checkpoint after injuring the tradesman, and other traders who were present in the area transferred the tradesman, who was shot in the thigh, to Fajr Hospital in Maku”

According to the source, the bullet hit the upper part of the thigh and caused a testicular rupture and severe bleeding.

Kanaan Yaghoubi, 33, is the father of two children and lives in Bazargan.