Three Kurdish civil rights activists, Jaka Ismailpour, Homan Faizi and Shaho Khezri, were sentenced to imprisonment by Branch 101 of the Bukan Criminal Court on charges of “disturbing public order by participating in an illegal rally”, informed sourced told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

Jaka Ismailpour was sentenced to 3 months, Homan Faizi to 4 months and Shaho Khezri to 1 year in prison. The three activists are due to appear in court on 22 December and they have been formally informed of their imprisonment sentence on December 26.The three activists, along with another activist, Simko Maroufi, were detained by security forces in Boukan on October 15 during the protest rally against the Turkish army’s invasion in northern Syria (Rojava). They were released on bail after several weeks of detention.

Simko Maroufi was also sentenced to two years in prison on December 10, 2019, on charges of “disturbing public order through illegal assembly”.