At least six Kurdish political prisoners in Iran’s Orumiyeh and Tabriz prisons were on hunger strike to show solidarity with Kurdish political prisoners in neighbouring Turkey.

The prisoners in Iran’s Orumiyeh and Tabriz went on strike on 10 April and ended their strike on 14 April.

Kurdish political prisoners Saman Nesim, Kemal Remezan, Ehmed Temuyi, Ibrahim Isapour, Yusif Kake Memi in Orumiyeh ( AKA Urmiye)  prison and Ali Ehmad Sulaiman in Tabriz prison, had joined the hunger strike in solidarity.

The prisoners on hunger strike in Iran issued the following statement, saying:

“Kurdish political prisoners have been on hunger strike [in Turkey’s prisons] for 56 days to protest the Turkish state’s fascist policies against the Kurdish people. Their health conditions have been deteriorating on a daily basis. The Turkish state in response has intensified torture of the prisoners instead of trying to meet their demands. The dictatorial regimes and governments have no answer other than this [intensification of torture]. This is why prisoners on hunger strike for 33 days in 2015 also faced similar treatment .”