A prisoner detained at Orumiyeh Central Prison was transferred to the prison’s health clinic due to severe chest pain on the evening of Monday, December 31. He was transferred to the hospital outside the prison later but he lost his life the following morning due to the delay in his transfer.

A reliable source has told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that Omar Badlipour, 47 from the Hussein village of Orumiyeh, had started his 5-year imprisonment sentence six months ago. He was taken to ward 15 of the Prison’s Health clinic due to suffering from severe pain in his chest.

“After examining the prisoner, the doctor in charge of the prison’s health clinic advised the prison authorities to transfer him to a hospital outside of prison, but his transfer was postponed until the morning. As a result of this delay, this political Kurdish prisoner died.”, the source added.

According to the source, prison authorities have not accepted the responsibility of his death and they have announced to the family that Mr. Badlipour had died of an asthma attack during his transfer to the hospital.

“Badlipour had been previously sentenced to 5 years in prison for narcotics-related crimes by Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh.”, the source further added.

The death of this prisoner due to lack of timely treatment is not the only case. On the evening of Monday, December 31ap the central prison of Orumieh. Over the past year, seven prisoners, Hossein Atri, Gholamreza Torkraq Qaleh, Reza Malek Rezaei, Sajjad Jamali Fard, Mouloud Vonoush and Ghorban Ali Amir Esmaili have been detained at central prison of Orumieh lost their lives, due to lack of medical care, limited medical facilities, and delay in the immediate transfer to hospital, at this prison.