Morteza Ostad, a prisoner detained in Ward 12 of Orumiyeh Central Prison, plastered his head in protest to the unclear situation of his case on the 44th day of his hunger strike.

“Morteza Ostad was arrested in Tabriz about two years ago on charges of buying & selling antiques and fraud but the status of his case still remains unclear. He started a hunger strike in protest to his uncertain condition 44 days ago,” a reliable source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

The source further added that Morteza Ostad was taken to a prison health clinic two weeks ago following deterioration of his health but he continued his hunger strike.

“Ostad plastered his head by using the building materials in the prison courtyard on day 44 of his strike in protest to his demands being neglected by the prison authorities and the court. Consequently, he suffered from a severe breathing problem. He was saved quickly by the other prisoners.” The source added.

According to the above-mentioned source, prison authorities have transferred him to the solitary confinement cell instead of hearing his demands.

The source also added that the above-mentioned prisoner had lost 30 kg and he suffered from critical health conditions such as low blood pressure and dizziness.

Morteza Ostad from Tabriz was arrested two years ago by the Police Criminal Investigation Department in Tabriz on charges of fraud and antique smuggling in two separate cases in Tabriz and Ardabil. He was detained for four months at detention centre under physical torture in addition to being detained in the Special Ward of Tabriz Central Prison for three months. Ardabil Prosecutor’s Office had recently promised his family that his case would be promptly investigated, but so far no action has been taken in this regard.