Four students who were detained during a rally at Kermanshah University in protest against the crash of the Ukrainian passenger jet shot by the slamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) were released on bail but one other student is still in custody.

Siavash Hayati- a graduate student in political science and a spokesman for the Yarsan Civil Rights Advisory Council- was released on bail. Ashkan Valizadeh, Salah Gharibi and Pezhman Amiri were released on bail after 3 days. Meanwhile, Nabi Tardast, a graduate student in sociology, is still in custody.

“After being detained, he was transferred to the security police detention centre and held for one night. The following day, he was taken to the detention centre of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and then transferred to Dizelabad Prison in Kermanshah. The activist is also said to have been on hunger strike in protest to being illegally detained.

Yarsan Civil Rights Advisory Council also released a statement and said that Siavash Hayati was beaten and insulted at the time of his arrest and bruises were seen on his body.

His friends and family welcomed him in front of the prison