Kurdistan Human Rights Network(KHRN) has learned that more than a thousand prisoners at Yazd Central Prison protested this morning due to not being granted furlough despite the fears over the danger of the Coronavirus spreading in the prison as well as being forced to participate in group prayers and religious gatherings in the yard.

Five prisoners have been injured as a result of attacks by prison guards.”Prisoners in wards 6 and 8 started a protest in the prison yard and prison guards violently attacked five inmates with batons. Angry inmates broke windows of the prison ward and special forces are now deployed inside and around the prison. “, an inmate in Yazd Central Prison told KHRN.

In recent days, following the spread of the Coronavirus in Iranian prisons and the observation of cases of “Covid19” among prisoners, some prisoners have protested, which in some cases have led to riots during which dozens of prisoners managed to escape from the prison.