All 43 political and religious prisoners detained in Ward 10 of Orumiyeh Central Prison have refused today to receive government meals, protesting against the prison classification council’s opposition to transfer ill prisoners to a hospital outside the prison.

The prisoners said they would continue their strike until authorities met their demands.

A source in Orumiyeh, West Azerbaijan province, spoke to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) on the situation of the ill prisoners.

“Currently, 12 political and religious prisoners suffering from various diseases are in urgent need of being sent to a hospital outside the prison to undergo the necessary examinations and complete their treatment”, the source said.

“However, despite the approval of prison doctors, no action has been taken due to the opposition of the classification council.”

These 12 prisoners are Nayeb Askari, Nayeb Hajizadeh, Ahmad Tamouei, Mohammad Houshangi, Hatem Ozdamir, Dara Rashidi, Anvar Chaleshi, Kamil Saydan Maskan, Sirvan Amini, Mokhtar Ebrahimi, Taher Hosseinzadeh, and Shaker Behrouz.

Ward 10 of Orumiyeh Central Prison, known as the ward for political prisoners, has 43 inmates.