The hunger strike of prisoners Milad Karimi and Mohsen Bashiri, which began on 31 January, continues despite their transfer to solitary cells in Orumiyeh Central Prison, Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned.

Karimi and Bashiri went on a hunger strike to protest against authorities refusing to transfer them to the prisons of cities where their families reside.

They have been denied the right to communicate and receive family visits during their strike.

Meanwhile, prisoner Mohsen Moradi, who went on a hunger strike together with Karimi and Bashiri, ended his strike after three days and was returned to the general ward of the prison.

Additionally, on 6 February, prisoners Hamid Rouz-Afza and Salar Mohammadi were severely beaten by prison guards and were transferred to solitary confinement for several hours.

Prison guards Babaei and Sogoli severely beat the two prisoners with batons due to their movement inside the prison ward during the prison population count, KHRN has learned.

They were sent back to the prison ward after they had to drop their complaints against the prison staff who had beaten them.