A reliable source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that after 19 months of absolutely no news about the fate of 25-year-old Seywan Rahimi, a Kurdish political prisoner, the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran had informed his family that he has been detained in the Central Prison of Kermanshah and they can meet him after the order of the related judge.

Rahimi was arrested by the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution in an ambush in a border area in Kermanshah Province on 1 June 2013, according to the source.

He had been severely wounded by the government’s forces during his arrest.
After his arrest Kurdish media outlets claimed that he had been killed in a clashes with Iranian security forced.

However, after 19 months in an unknown jail, it has now been made clear that he is alive and detained in the Central Prison of Kermanshah, in Ward 10.

A prisoner that had spent time in the ward with Rahimi told KHRN that political prisoner was severely wounded at the time of his arrest and was later held in solitary confinement cells belonging to the office of the Intelligence Agency of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards of Kermanshah.

He had been transferred to Ward 10 after being held in the healthcare department of the prison for a long period of time because of his wounds, the prisoner source said.

The prisoner source added that during this time the political prisoner was not allowed to contact his family nor was he allowed to hold normal conversation with fellow inmates.

No information is known regarding his case as of yet, the only information available is that he has been accused of “Enmity against God”, which is for being a member of the Party for Free Life in Kurdistan, better known by its Kurdish acronym, PJAK.

The political prisoner has been jailed in Ward 10, where dangerous prisoners sentenced for deadly crimes are also being held.

Ward 10 also includes death row prisoners usually held for one day prior to their executions.
Rahimi was previously arrested on 7 April 2009 in the village of Negl near the city of Sanandaj on the charge of “actions against national security”.

After spending one month in solitary confinement at the branch office of intelligence agency in Sanandaj, he was transferred to the Central Prison of Sanandaj.

The Branch One of Sanadaj Revolutionary Court sentenced him to six years in prison, but the Appeal Court of Sanandaj reduced his sentence to 2 years behind bars at the time.