“Hossain Kamangar, a former Kurdish political prisoner, was arrested again last week by Iranian security forces in Kamyaran and nobody has since heard of him or on his whereabouts,” a reliable source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“The security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran went to his house in Kamyaran to rearrest him and they also confiscated some of his personal belongings. His family went to the headquarters of the security forces several times to get news, but no explanation was given about his arrest and whereabouts,” the source said.

The same source went on to explain the background to the re-arrest of Kamangar, saying: “This the third time he is arrested. He was first arrested in February 2012 by agents of the Intelligence Agency in Kermanshah, after which he was kept in two security detention centres in Kermanshah and Ravansar for over two months.”

The source added: “Kamangar was later released on bail. He was arrested for the second time in February 2014 with several other Kurdish citizens of Kamyaran. The Islamic Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj sentenced him to ten months in prison on charges of ‘actions to disrupt national security’. He was released from Sanandaj prison after having served a seven-month jail sentence.”