In the last few days, two young Kurdish workers in the industrial city of Sanandaj fell from the scaffold and one of them lost his life.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that on Saturday, April 07, two workers from Sanandaj called Navid Mohammadi (28 years old) and Ismail Zandi fell from the scaffold during the construction work in the Industrial Town No. 3 in Sanandaj. As a result, Navid Mohammadi lost his life due to head injury and Ismael Zandi suffered from a lumbar spine injury.

According to witnesses, the lack of facilities and the insecurity of the workplace were the cause of the fall of the above-mentioned workers during the work.

Many workers in Iran not only work in an unsafe working environment but also they are not insured. According to the statistics recorded in Iran, more than 50% of work accidents happen in the field of building while 42% of the deceased workers during work lose their life due to fall. The insecurity of the work environment and work equipment are the most important factors in such incidents.