Trick drivers and owners are still on strike for the ninth consecutive day on Wednesday, May 30 across Iran. Protesters have said that they would continue their strike until their demands are met.

One of the protesters from Sanandaj has told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that on Wednesday, May 30, truck drivers and owners, except for state-owned companies which own trucks, continue to be on strike in various cities of Kurdistan.

According to this protester, truck drivers of the Oil Products Distribution Company, who are on now on strike, have set empty tables in front of this company’s office and gas stations in different cities of Kurdistan during the past couple of days.

Tweet: On the seventh day of strike by the truck owners in Iran, truck owners of #Kangavr city also announced that they had gone on strike.

He added that due to the government’s neglect of the demands of truck drivers and owners, the strike is spreading to to various cities day by day. Although the strike were initially limited to the provincial regions, the strike is still ongoing in most of the cities in the Kurdish regions of Iran, including Islamabad, West Kangavr, Kermanshah, Kamyaran, Saqqez, Sanandaj, Bukan, Mahabad, and Orumiyeh.

In this regard, a number of taxi drivers of Orumiyeh gathered in front of city’s governorate on Monday May 28 in protest to the social security issues, the growing number of taxis booked online and low rates of fares. Today, on Wednesday 30 May, a number of taxi drivers also went on strike for the above-mentioned reasons on the sixth Bahman Avenue in Sanandaj.

Tweet: Breaking News: Today, on Wednesday, May 30, a number of taxi drivers also went on strike in protest to their low earnings at Sixth Bahman Avenue and Azadi Square in Sanandaj.

It’s worth mentioning that truck drivers have been on strike since May 22 in protest to the low cargo fees, rising costs for insurance, road tolls, commissions, repairs and spare parts in recent years.