Osman Ismaili, a known labour activist who had been arrested on International Labour day’s gathering by security forces (but released three days later), has been sentenced to a fine of 2 million rials fine by the Penal Court of Saqqez (Branch 103) on charges of disrupting public order.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that Osman Ismaili has been summoned to the court on Oct 17, 2018 and the above verdict has been served on him. The labour activist had already been summoned to the Penal Court of Saqqez (Branch 103) for a trial but refused to attend the court hearing while denying such an allegation.

According to the verdict, he was initially sentenced to four months of imprisonment and five lashes on charges of disturbing public order by per Article 618 of the Islamic Penal Code. However, due to his lack of criminal record and his marital status, the judge reduced his sentence to paying a fine of 2 million Rials.

He had been arrested by the security forces on International Labour day’s gathering and transferred to a Saqqez Central Prison.

He was temporarily released on 17 April until his trial after two months of imprisonment at Saqqez Central Prison on a bail of 30 million Tomansl.

It should be noted that he went on a re-trial on May 7, 2018 (only five days after his release from Saqez Central Prison) at Branch 3 of the Saqqez Court of Justice on charges of “propaganda against the state through interviews with foreign media abroad”.