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Prisoner hanged on murder charges in Iran’s Orumiyeh

A death row prisoner, Tohid Mohammad Baqerloo, from the city of Khoy, was executed in Iran’s Orumiyeh Central Prison on 1 November.

He was transferred from the prison’s ward 1-2 to a solitary confinement cell a day before his execution.

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Iran political prisoner on a three-month hunger strike hospitalised

Political prisoner Mohammad Nazari has been hospitalised after a three-month-long hunger strike.

He has been protesting the non-enforcement of Article 10 of the Procedural Law for his case to grant his release as he has served his sentence.

“On Sunday, 29 October, Nazari was transferred to Tehran’s Khomeini Hospital on the 90th day of his hunger strike due to his deteriorating health,” a source told KHRN.

Amnesty International said was concerned about Nazari’s health some 80 days into his hunger strike and called for his immediate release.

Agents of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence arrested Nazari in the city of Bokan, West Azerbaijan Province, on 30 May 1994. Six months later, Judge Abdolahad Jalilzadeh of Orumiyeh’s Islamic Revolutionary Court sentenced him to death for his alleged membership in the outlawed Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI).

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Kurdish political prisoner remembered four years after execution

KHRN publishes an audio file of a conversation with Sherko Moarefi recorded before he was executed by hanging on 4 November 2013.

Moarefi, a native of the Kurdish border town of Baneh, was 33 years of age at the time of his arrest in a village near his hometown in October 2008.

The Iranian government implemented his death penalty without his prior knowledge and without having informed his family and lawyer beforehand.

The branch one of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Saqez sentenced him to death on charges of membership in an outlawed Kurdish party, the Komalah party, as well as “actions against national security” and “Enmity against God”.

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Iranian security forces arrest over 50 Kurdish protesters

Iranian security forces along with agents of the intelligence ministry have detained over 50 Kurdish protesters for having taken part in a demonstration that demanded justice for a local child said sexually harassed by a school guard in the town of Islamabad in Orumiyeh.

The security forces and plainclothes agents arrested the targeted citizens in at their homes in overnight raids, sources said.

KHRN has obtained names of 24 of the detained and a source said that some “20 of the detainees were transferred to ward 13 while the remaining 30 detainees were transferred to wards 3-4,’ adding: “An undetermined number of detainees have remained in solitary confinement cells.”

Local officials have issued contradictory statements on the incident, with some saying that the protest was somehow political and related to a recent Kurdish independence referendum held in neighbouring autonomous Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq.

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Iran forces irresponsibly open fire, silence protesters in Paweh

Iranian disciplinary armed forces opened fire on a civilian vehicle under the pretext that it smuggled illegal items, although they had prior knowledge that the car only carried imported clothes.

The abrupt opening of fire had resulted in traffic jams and long queues of vehicles, leading to a gathering of locals and travellers on the road protesting the irresponsible firing of live rounds.

The Iranian forces had shot at surrounding buildings and physically abused the protesters.

Locals headed to the office of the public prosecution office to lodge a formal complaint but the newly appointed public prosecutor, Muslim Almasi, defended the security forces and threatened the locals with arrests and detention in exile, according to sources.

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