The “Week in brief” by Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) is a weekly review of the most important human rights news and developments from and about Iran’s Kurdish areas.

Rising suicide reported among Kurdish women in Iran

Suicide reportedly due to personal, social and financial issues are on the rise in Iran’s Kurdish region as reports on those tragically ending their lives in the region is now part of to regular news almost on a daily basis.

Iqbal Sarhadi, an expelled student from University of Tabriz and a resident of the Aqqa Mahaleh area in Baneh, ended his life by taking a deadly number of prescription tablets.

Separately, but on that same day, 26-year-old Laulau Moradi self immolated said to be over family problems after her husband had married another woman.

She left three children behind.

Concern Over Increasing Suicide Rates in Kurdistan

Woman commits suicide in Orumiyeh

A woman has committed suicide in a village in the Soma Bradost area of Oroumiyeh

She had shot herself dead and ended her life using a hunting rifle, according to information obtained by KHRN.

A Young Woman Committed Suicide in One of the villages of Orumiyeh

Iran police kill Kurdish tradesperson in highway chase

Iranian police chased a vehicle belonging to a Kurdish tradesman on the Boukan-Tabriz road leading to a deadly car accident killing the driver and wounding the passengers.

The Iranian security forces each year shoot dead dozens of Kurdish tradespersons who transport untaxed items such as cigarettes, mobile phones, alcoholic beverages and fabrics between neighbouring majority Kurdish provinces in Iran.

Tradesman Killed in a Police Chase

Conflicting reports emerge on Iran Kurd worker self-immolation

A Kurdish worker has died in what his union says was self-immolation after a request for higher wages and the factory owners saying another worker had deliberately set him on fire after a verbal quarrel.

The victim has died from his burns at a hospital in Sanandaj.

He was married and has left five children behind after 23 years of service as a worker in his sector.

A Worker Died From Burn Injuries