The “Week in brief” by Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) is a weekly review of the most important human rights news and developments from and about Iran’s Kurdish areas.

This item covers the most important human rights news reported in the past two weeks on 15 and 16 April from Iran’s Kurdish region.

Iran’s IRGC gunman kills four in Divandarreh

A local member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)of Divandarreh attacked his ex-wife’s family and killed four of them.

The murderer was dressed in IRGC uniform and used a gun he had been given from his IRGC unit, a reliable source told KHRN.

He killed his ex-wife, her parents and a sister, and injured a 5-year-old child of the family as well.

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Four Members of a family Murdered in Divandarreh

Iran court confirms death penalty for Kurd political prisoner

“During a very quick procedure and without holding a hearing, on Wednesday April 11, the verdict was verbally given to me and my client’s brother at Branch 39 of the Supreme Court based in Qom,” the lawyer of Kurdish political prisoner Ramin Hossein Panahi said in an interview with the KHRN.

He said Panahi is at risk of imminent execution following the Supreme Court’s confirmation unless his application to stand trial is approved, as that would suspend the enforcement of the death sentence.

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The Death Sentence for Ramin Hossein Panahi Confirmed by the Supreme Court

Iran hangs four prisoners in Orumiyeh

Four prisoners were executed on murder charges at Orumiyeh’s central prison this on April 23.

They were taken from various wards of Orumiyeh central prison to solitary confinement cells before their execution.

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Iran: Four Prisoners Hanged at Orumiyeh Central Prison

Kurdish prisoners remain jailed despite serving sentences

Two Kurdish political prisoners detained at Qazvin Central Prison (known as the Choobindar) are still held in prison despite serving their ten-year imprisonment sentence. They have been told that the prosecutor’s order is required for their release.

A source told KHRN that the two prisoners, Seyyed Sami Hosseini and Seyyed Jamal Mohammadi, are still held at Choobindar Prison in Qazvin despite the fact that their ten-year imprisonment sentences had been completely served on on 13 April.

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Two Kurdish Political Prisoners Still held at Qazvin Prison Despite the End of Their Imprisonment Sentence

Iranian Kurdish political prisoners on hunger strike

Three Kurdish political prisoners at Miandoab Prison went on hunger strike on April 8 2018 to protest against the Miandoab Prosecutor’s Office and the Orumiyeh branch of the Intelligence Ministry refusing to give them furlough.

The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Court sentenced the three prisoners to 15 years for on murder charges for the alleged killing of an Iranian government paramilitary commander and eight months for alleged cooperation with Kurdish armed opposition parties.

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Three Kurdish Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Miandoab Prison

Kurds continue protesting Iran’s border closure

Kurdish workers, businessmen and shopkeepers have with their strikes in their cities against Iranian government closing down border crossings with neighbouring Iraqi Kurdistan on 16 and 17 April.

The shopkeepers closed down their shops and others gathered to protest against the border closure, which has resulted in rising unemployment and a surge in prices of good badly affecting businesses and consumers.

KHRN sources have said that the protests have continued to spread across Iran’s Kurdishcities of Baneh, Javanrood, Mariwan, Saqqez and Sardasht.

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Continued Strikes and Protests of Businessmen and Marketers in Different Cities of Kurdistan

Widespread Strikes and Protests of Businessmen and Marketers in Kurdistan in Protest to the Closure of Border Crossings and the High Cost of Customs

Mine explosion kills two Iranian Kurds

A land mine blast has wounded two people in Sar-e-Pol-Zahab, although the Iranian government declared the area “free of mines” in 2012.

The authorities declared the area officially mine free and even held a celebration to mark the end of mine clearing operations.

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Landmine Explosion Wounded Two Kurdish Citizens in Sar-e-Pol-Zahab