Investigations carried out by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) show that many Kurdish civilians and activists from Iran have become victims of human rights violations in November 2021.

The followings are the detailed information collected by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) statistics and documentation centre regarding these violations.


On 3 November, Iran executed a prisoner named Manouchehr Kazemi in Ghezel Hesar Prison of Kermanshah.

Kazemi, who was from Harsin in Kurdistan province, was sentenced to the death penalty on charges of premeditated murder.

This is the only case in which the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed through its sources. But the number of those executed is likely to be higher.

NameFromCharged withExecution dateExecution locationExplanation
1Manouchehr KazemiHarsinPremeditated murder3 NovemberGhezel Hesar Prison in Karaj33-year-old, resident of Tehran


Statistics suggest that at least four women were killed by men in Iranian Kurdistan in the past month.

Two women were killed by the men they refused to marry. One was shot by her husband for an unknown reason, while another was killed in a family dispute.

Three of the cases took place in Kermanshah province and one in Hamedan.

1Asiyeh AkbariSonqor, Kermanshah1 NovemberKilled due to family dispute
2Arezou OlfatiKermanshah3 NovemberKilled by cousin after she refused to marry him
3Negar AhmadiAsad Abad, Hamedan5 NovemberKilled by the man who wanted to marry her
4Sorayya YariKermanshah22 November44-year-old, husband killed her and committed suicide using a gun

Kolbars and Tradesmen

In November, at least 14 Kurdish civilians either died or were injured working as kolbars.

Iranian border forces shot at least 11 kolbars in the country’s western borders, killing 10 and wounding another.

On 17 November, a child kolbar committed suicide after border forces confiscated his mules in Paveh, Kermanshah province.

A Kurdish tradesman also lost his life in the border areas of Orumiyeh on 2 November.

Also, a landmine explosion in Hangeh-ye Zhal village in Baneh, Kurdistan province, injured a kolbar on 14 November.

NameFromIncident locationIncident dateDead/injuredExplanation
1Arkan MostafaeiShushamiShushami border areas1 NovemberInjured25-year-old, Shot by border forces
2Veysi BadiniOrumiyehOrumiyeh border areas2 NovemberDeadKurdish tradesman, father of two, border forces confiscated his cattles
3Mohammad KhodaeiKani Seyf village in BanehKani Seyf village in Baneh4 NovemberDead28-year-old, Shot by border forces
4Karim KhandedarMir Sheykh HeydarDopazeh height, Kele border in Sardasht8 NovemberInjuredShot by border forces
5Arvin ShokatiSaheb Hangeh-ye Zhal village in Baneh14 NovemberInjuredLandmine explosion
6Soroush RahmaniHani Garmaleh village in PavehPaveh17 NovemberSuicideChild kolbar committed suicide after border forces confiscated his mules
7Salaheddin Ali-VeysiSalas-e Babajani Nowsud border areas21 NovemberInjuredShot by border forces
8Saadi RahimiJanvareh village in Marivan Nowsud border areas22 NovemberInjuredShot by border forces
9Pouria VeysiNowsud Nowsud border areas22 NovemberInjured40-year-old, Shot by border forces
10Faryad VeysiNowsud Nowsud border areas22 NovemberInjuredShot by border forces
11Milad AhmadiSalas-e Babajani Nowsud border areas22 NovemberInjuredShot by border forces
12Ehsan HabibiMarivan Nowsud border areas22 NovemberInjured26-year-old, Shot by border forces
13Nihad MohammadpourZharazhi village, OrumiyehDarreh-ye Bonar, Margavar district in Orumieyh22 NovemberInjured25-year-old, Shot by border forces
14Seyyed Ezzaddin BayazidiBaveleh village in PiransharPiranshahr border areas28 NovemberInjuredShot by border forces

Worker Accidents

During November, at least five workers lost their lives in work accidents in Marivan in Kurdistan province, Salas-e Babajani in Kermanshah province, and Mahabad in West Azerbaijan province.

NameLocation of incidentDate of incidentDead/injuredDescription
1UnknownMarivan5 NovemberDeadFalling into the garden well
2UnknownEzgeleh city in Salas-e Babajani15 NovemberDeadWorker of Hawasan Ezgeleh Company
3UnknownEzgeleh city in Salas-e Babajani15 NovemberDeadWorker of Hawasan Ezgeleh Company
4Salah KhalediMahabad28 NovemberDead35-year-old, worker of Mahabad Water and Sewage Company
5Bahman Mohammad KarimiMahabad29 NovemberDead31-year-old, Fall from building

Detentions and Arrests

In November, Iranian security forces detained at least 42 people, including two children, a journalist, and six activists in various cities across Iranian Kurdistan.

Four of these people were jailed in prisons in Orumiyeh, Mahabad, and Bukan.

NameDetention locationDetention dateActivityLocation held and latest status
1Sina MinaeiOshnavieh2 NovemberChildUnknown
2Abdollah YousefiOshnavieh2 NovemberChildUnknown
3Anvar SheikhehPiranshahr2 NovemberCivilianUnknown
4Iraj EbadiSanandaj7 NovemberAuthor and journalistUnknown
5Salah PezeshkiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
6Rafigh PezeshkiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
7Manaf PezeshkiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
8Behzad PezeshkiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
9Karim PezeshkiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
10Aboubakr PezeshkiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
11Loghman PezeshkiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
12Farhad PezeshkiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
13Farzad PezeshkiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
14Ahmad PezeshkiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
15Arsalan PezeshkiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
16Kamran PezeshkiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
17Saeid RashidiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
18Jamal MorovvatBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
19Osman MohammadpourBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
20Saeid GhaderiBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
21Kurdo HosseinpourBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
22Ali ChomaniBaneh11 NovemberCivilianUnknown
23Mohammad AhmadiNey village in Marivan13 NovemberCivilianUnknown
24Farid DerakhshaniNey village in Marivan13 NovemberCivilianUnknown
25Keivan MinoueiNey village in Marivan13 NovemberCivilianUnknown
26Edris BahramianNey village in Marivan13 NovemberCivilianUnknown
27Abdolrahman AfsharNey village in Marivan13 NovemberCivilianUnknown
28Abdolahman EshtakNey village in Marivan13 NovemberCivilianUnknown
29Mohsen AhmadzadehKosehKahriz village in Mahabad13 NovemberCivilianTaken to Mahabad Prison
30Sivan Menbari Niyar village in Sanandaj14 NovemberCivilianUnknown
31Arash MenbariNiyar village in Sanandaj14 NovemberCivilianUnknown
32Zanyar MenbariNiyar village in Sanandaj14 NovemberCivilianUnknown
33Milad MenbariNiyar village in Sanandaj14 NovemberCivilianUnknown
34Aram MoradianSanandaj14 NovemberCivilianUnknown
35Shahnaz SadeghifarOrumiyeh14 NovemberPolitical activistTaken to Orumiyeh Central Prison
36Simko MaroufiBukanEarly NovemberEnvironmental activistDetained to serve one-year sentence, taken to Bukan prison
37Jahangir SagharniaPiranshahr17 NovemberEnvironmental activistReleased on bail
38Khabat KhatialPiranshahr17 NovemberEnvironmental activistReleased on bail
39Zagros RashidiBaneh17 NovemberCivilianUnknown
40Karim ForouzeshBanehMid-NovemberCivilianUnknown
41Milad HatefPiranshahrMid-NovemberCivil rights activistUnknown
42Arastou MollarahimiMahabad20 NovemberCivil rights activistDetained to serve seven-months and 16-days sentence, taken to Mahabad prison

Prison Sentences

In the past month, Iranian courts sentenced at least five people to prison sentences varying from one to 10 years in prison.

NameResident ofCharged withDate sentencedIssuing courtSentenceExplanation
1Mahmoud NiroumandKalat, Razavi KhorasanPropaganda against the state, acting against national securityEarly NovemberIslamic Revolutionary Court in Mashhad10 years in prisonCurrently imprisoned in Vakil Abad Prison in Mashhad
2Fatemeh KarimiAbadanMembership in Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (KDPI)Early NovemberBranch 1 of Islamic Revolutionary Court in SaqqezOne year in prisonSentence issued in absentia
3Chiya AghabeigpourBukanActing against national security in favour of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (KDPI)Late NovemberIslamic Revolutionary Court in Bukan18 months in prison, 60 lashes, fined to pay 30 million Tomans

Anti-trafficking Forces Kill Kurdish Civilian

On 7 November, a Kurdish civilian named Farhad Zandi was shot dead by anti-trafficking forces on the Sanandaj-Dehgolan road.

A relative of Zandi told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that a special patrol of the anti-trafficking department near Qeruchay village of Dehgolan opened fire on Zandi’s car.

“He was not carrying any [smuggled] goods, and he was shot in the head and killed on the spot”, the relative added.

Kurdish Prisoner ‘Tortured to Death’, says family

On 2 November, a Kurdish prisoner named Khosrow Jamalifar lost his life in Sanandaj prison. The prisoner’s family claimed that he was tortured to death by prison officers. Prison authorities denied the claim, citing suicide by taking pills as the cause of the prisoner’s death.

Jamalifar, 26, who was in Sanandaj prison for about two years on “murder” charges, was severely beaten by prison officers on 2 November after fighting with several other prisoners. They then transferred him to solitary confinement.

Kurdish Civilians Likely Tortured to Death

On 15 November, the Intelligence Organisation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Naqadeh, West Azerbaijan province, summoned the families of two Kurdish civilians As’ad Ramin and Davoud Rahimi and informed them that the two civilians had been shot dead during their detention.

Earlier, however, reports were published saying that the two men had been detained wounded on 1 September after IRGC forces opened fire at their car. They were likely killed under torture.

Security forces refused to return the bodies to their families and barred them from holding public funerals.

Kurdish Asylum-seeker dies due to illness

On 22 November, a 25-year-old asylum-seeker named Bakhtiyar Musazadeh lost his life due to illness after arriving in Germany.

Reportedly, the young man fell ill while passing through Belarus in the cold weather.