In recent days, security forces in West Azerbaijan Province have arrested six Kurdish civilians – Aso Mohammadi, Jabraeil Ahmadpour, Mansour Nikzad, Edris Parvizi, Shoresh Aboubakri, and Siamand Mina – in Oshnavieh, Sardasht, and Mahabad.

The arrests were carried out without clear charges, and the individuals were taken to undisclosed locations.

According to information received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), security forces conducted unwarranted raids on the homes of Mohammadi, Ahmadpour, Nikzad and Parvizi in Oshnavieh on 7 January, resulting in their arrests.

Aboubakri, a Kurdish artist based in Sardasht, was also arrested in a house raid on 8 January.

Also today, security forces arrested Siamand Mina from the village of Gardeh Bardan in Mahabad without a court order.

There is currently no information on the charges against these individuals or where they are being held.