After 37 days in which no information has been received about the fate of Arman Ghafouri and a news release on some Kurdish websites that he was killed in the Sanandaj Intelligence Detention Centre, there is a serious concern about his fate.

According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), there is still no information available about the fate of Arman Ghafouri, a student at Payam-e-Nour University of Marivan and an active member of the Green Chiay Association who was arrested in Marivan on July 24 and transferred to an unknown location.

Several days ago, some news agencies reported that this detainee had been killed at the Sanandaj Intelligence Detention Centre. As a result, his family and relatives are increasingly concerned.

In this regard, a number of civil activists from Marivan called on the executive authorities to clarify the situation of this environmental activist on Monday, Aug 27, 2018, by gathering in front of the city’s governorate. The gathering ended after the provincial authorities promised that this activist would contact his family. However, the family has not received a call from him until now.

Moreover, the Marivan Intelligence Office had previously accepted responsibility for the detention of this environmental activist but the authorities of this security agency have denied any responsibility for his arrest in the past few days while referring to the IRGC as the responsible agency for his detention.

Earlier, under the pressure of security agencies, the family of this detainee published a statement that he had been released. However, this news was denied by the family later on.

It should be noted that following the death of four environmental activists during the firefighting in the Marivan forests, concerns about the fate of this environmental activist have increased.